Tube clamp fittings

Do you need a tube clamp fitting to carry out interior or exterior renovation work? Do you have a few small jobs that need doing around the house, or on your business or commercial premises?

FitClamp offers you a selection of high quality tube clamp fittings at a reasonable price.

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Hard-wearing, practical and inexpensive, our tube clamp fittings are suitable for a wide range of uses. Designed specifically to meet a variety of needs, they are perfect for professionals searching for quality materials to make their job easier while offering their customers the best quality. So browse through our range of products. We aim to deliver orders as quickly as possible.

Quality tube clamp fittings for structural projects.

Suitable for all uses, the FitClamp tube clamp fitting is suitable for all needs. They allow you to create and arrange structures of different shapes and sizes. All our models have been designed specifically to meet the needs of professionals and individuals alike: practical, hard-wearing and easy to use. Whether you’re a professional or individual, you will need a quality tube clamp fittings, whether it is for the purpose of fitting out a rail or rack, erecting a stand or advertising display or carrying out work projects in the field of security ... Our different tube clamp models will allow you to create any structure you want, whatever the dimensions or layout. 

Easy to use, our tube clamp fittings are assembled using an Allen key. With no need for welding or bolts, you will save time and energy. Our team is on hand to offer advice on finding a suitable tube clamp to meet your needs. They are available in several diameters. 21 mm, 27 mm, 33 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm et 60 mm. All FitClamp tube clamp fittings are manufactured according to current regulations and are TUV approved.

High quality tube clamp fittings at an affordable price.

FitClamp is a brand that offers a wide choice of products for advertising displays, guardrails, store fittings and even furniture. Thanks to the many possible variations, our adjustable tubular system is suitable for all uses. Made from galvanised steel, each tube clamp fitting can be used without the need for bolts or welding. This makes them easier to use and the installation is very sturdy. Browse our range of products to find the accessories you need for your various projects.
Tube clamp fittings for adjustable tubular structures - FitClamp
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