Do you need accessories to assemble your new tubular structures? Or do you want to optimise your existing adjustable structures to give them new shapes and dimensions?

You probably already know that tubular kits make it possible to create furniture, barriers, features and other structures for fitting out and construction projects.

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We can provide you with furniture for offices, public reception centres, shops and houses. Some examples include shelves of different sizes, coffee tables, wardrobes, tubular structures for stretched canvases, etc. We also offer different installations for construction sites and industries as well as tubular barrier structures..

Selection of accessories with tube clamps

Our tube fitting accessories are perfect if you want to give a new design to your tubular structures. Within our tubular selection, you will find castors with brakes and elastic tensioners (bungee cords) with hooks. These accessories will make your furniture and other tubular structures much more practical. You can also order them with your tubular kits or round tubes to achieve the design and dimensions you want. They are designed for ease of installation, so you can customise your structures in two steps.

FitClamp, your tubular structure specialist

Fitclamp is a registered trademark that offers a wide selection of round tubes, tubular kits and various accessories that allow you to install and customise your structures. Our tubular structures can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Just like our tubes, our accessories are resistant to wind, sunlight, humidity and frost. Our challenge is to offer you quality products at the best price. Contact us now! If you need advice or are looking for specific accessories, our team will be happy to help.
Accessories for round tubes - FitClamp
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