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Do you need tubular kits for fitting out your new shop? Or do you want to optimise your space to perfect the layout of your store?

FitClamp has a range of tubular kits designed specifically for tubular shop fitting. Our challenge is to provide you with endless solutions that meet all your requirements.

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Our tubular structures are sturdy, practical and have an elegant and modern design. So browse through our selections and contact us to order or customise your own structures. Our team is available to offer advice to help you find the products best suited to your needs.

A perfect layout for your boutique or shop

Tube clamps are essential for the correct layout of your shop or boutique. The choice of furniture is important; in fact, a well-designed store will optimise the flow of your visitors, effectively manage your space and encourage visitors to buy. With its modern design, the tube clamps stand out and bring a hint of elegance with an industrial touch. With storage racks, clothes rails, shelves and other tubular furniture, layout possibilities are limitless and will meet the needs of large shops and smaller boutiques.

Tailor-made solutions for store layout

FitClamp offers you a wide choice of tube clamps and accessories to create the perfect furniture for your store layout. With a little imagination, you will be able to create the shop you’ve always wanted and which meets your exact requirements. To do this, you simply have to adjust the tubes with the different types of fittings offered. You can also easily change them if you want to rearrange your store at a later date. Sturdy in design, our tubular structures have a very long lifespan and do not require any special maintenance.

FitClamp, your tubular kit specialist

FitClamp offers you a selection of structures and accessories dedicated to the design and layout of your professional environment. We offer you quality services, offering you a warm welcome and fast delivery. Our team is on hand to offer advice on finding a suitable solution to your needs.
Tubular shop fitting kits with industrial design. FitClamp
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