Are you looking for hard-wearing furniture with an industrial design to fit out your home, office or shop? FitClamp offers you a wide selection of high-quality tubular furniture.

Tubular kits are very popular, whether for home or professional use. They are sturdy, modern in design and easy to install. We offer solutions to meet all needs and budgets, so contact us!

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Tubular furniture offers an infinite possibility of designs and structure. You can set up the furniture you want in record time, whatever the dimensions or design. Our selection of tubular furniture is waiting just for you. Ask our team for advice. They are available to help you quickly find the items for your needs.

Why choose tubular kit furniture?

Tubular kits have many advantages:
  • Design : Tubular furniture has an industrial design, something which is extremely fashionable at this moment in time. Thanks to its sleek design, it is suitable for a variety of uses and blends nicely into different spaces: offices, balconies or terraces, shops, bedrooms, dressing rooms, kitchens with industrial decor, medical centres ... You can also choose the structure and dimensions you want for your tubular furniture: coffee tables, desks, shelves, wardrobes and other items are available depending upon your needs.
  • Value for money: Furniture made with tube clamps is very sturdy and lasts a long time. Like all our items, this FitClamp tubular furniture is designed with high quality materials and meets all regulations.
  • Sturdiness: Tubular furniture is perfect for all your needs. With its sturdy structure, it can support a significant amount of weight. It can be installed indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Ease of installation: You can assemble it with a simple Allen key which is supplied with the kits. Also, you will be able to assemble tubular furniture yourself. The finish can vary according to your preferences, since the tubular structures can support glass, wood or even metal.

FitClamp, your tubular furniture specialist

Tubular furniture is one of FitClamp's specialities. We offer endless solutions and our tubular kits offer a multitude of possibilities in terms of shapes and sizes. Our team is here to help, so contact us to find the tubular furniture you’re looking for.
Tubular kit furniture: tables and shelves with industrial design.
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