Round tubes

FitClamp offers you a wide range of round tubes made from galvanised steel and aluminium. Our round tubes will help you carry out your renovation, display and tubular construction projects. Our round aluminium tube is lighter in weight and renowned for its aesthetics, while the round steel tube is acclaimed for its sturdiness. Also, if you want to make your installation extra-resistant, the round steel tube is essential.

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To guarantee their sturdiness and corrosion resistance qualities, our high-quality round FitClamp tubes are designed according to manufacturing regulations. Our round steel tubes are for bulky or exterior structures which need to be lightweight, while the aluminium models are manufactured in accordance with anodising standards. We offer tailor-made round tubes according to your needs. Lengths range from 0.1 m to 4 m. You can choose the colour and finish you require. In addition, you can opt for a standard model. Different lengths are available, between 0.5 m and 3 m.

The round steel tube, guaranteed sturdiness

Use of the steel tube is essential for various industrial and domestic installations. Robust and inexpensive, the round steel tube can be used for different types of fitting out or renovation work. Steel is a material known for its strength, whether used indoors or outdoors. It is resistant to corrosion and extreme temperatures. Flexible and rigid, the round steel tube is very malleable and withstands heavy shocks and weights.

The round aluminium tube

The aluminium round tube is also known for its optimal manufacturing qualities. It is suitable for all types of work. Whether used indoors or outdoors, it combines sturdiness with an undeniable aesthetic advantage. It is therefore perfect for display structures. Less resistant than the round steel tube, it is suitable for structures that will have a lesser load-bearing weight.

Quality round tubes

The FitClamp brand offers a wide selection of materials. Our round steel or aluminium FitClamp tubes are high quality and designed to take into account the requirements related to strength, practicality and aesthetics. Do not hesitate to contact about the possibilities available.
Round steel & aluminium tubes for tubular structure. FitClamp
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