Tube kits

Are you looking for a quality tubular kit to fit out your home, shop, industrial premises or workplace?

Fitclamp offers you a selection of high quality tubular kits at low prices. FitClamp is a brand specialising in the design of quality materials and accessories for home or professional fixtures and fittings.

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Our tubular kits allow you to create different structures and furniture tailored to your needs. Ready for assembly, our standardised products are suitable for all uses. So, all you need to do is browse our selections, find your perfect dimensions and place your order. You can also ask our team for advice on finding the perfect tubular kit for you, depending on your needs and budget.

Tubular kits for modern and resistant furniture

The tube structure of our FitClamp furniture is renowned for its industrial design which has become very trendy in recent years. These tubular furniture kits are suitable for both domestic use (shelves, coffee tables, wardrobes, etc.) and professional use (offices, industries, sales premises, etc.). Extremely easy to install, you just need to assemble them with the Allen key provided. Thanks to their strength, these pieces of furniture are long lasting.

Tubular kits for shop-fitting projects

We offer a wide choice of tube structures, which adapt to all different kinds of spaces. Discover our selection of clothes racks, wardrobes (with or without shelves), storage racks and hanging rails. They are aesthetically pleasing and designed with store layout in mind. Our wide range of solutions means you will have no trouble finding the models that best meet your needs. Robust and with a modern industrial design, these tubular kits will give your shop great added value.

Adjustable barrier kits

Discover our selection of barriers with tube clamps. Suitable for all needs and budgets. These tubular kits are perfect for use on construction and industrial sites, in shops and on other sites open to the public. They are also suitable for residential homes. Bring a touch of elegance and modernity to your facility with our strong, industrially designed railings.

Tubular kits for tension banner

Our tubular kits are also suitable for tension banners. These sturdy and easy to install tubular kits are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Our aluminium tube structures can be ordered with a personalised banner if you require. Whatever your needs, FitClamp offers you tailored solutions and always at the best available price. Our challenge is to present diversified solutions to meet varying needs, while guaranteeing the sturdiness and practicality of our products. So get in touch; our team will help you find the products you need and will get your orders to you as soon as possible.

Tubular kits for structures, shop layout and furniture. FitClamp