Banner tension frame

The tension banner display frame is an efficient and robust aluminium tubular structure, perfect for a variety of uses.

The aluminium tension frame system can also be used as an advertising display stand for your business. You can use our wall display frames and structures to promote your brand and products. Order your tubular structure alone or with a printed banner; you are free to choose the dimensions and tube structure you need.

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Our stretched banner can also be used indoors to let your visitors know about your products or services, convey your company values, while contributing to the decoration of your space. Resistant to all types of weather (wind, frost, rain, sunlight), they are also perfect for outdoor use. Like all our tubular kit structures that you will find on the FitClamp site, our stretched banner structure can be adapted to your needs and wishes.

Why opt for a tension banner structure?

The stretched banner is a simple and effective way to communicate with your customers. It has various advantages, including its sturdiness, design, practicality and the adaptability of the structure according to your wishes. The aluminium tubular structure is also infinitely reusable because you simply have to change the contents according to your needs. It is designed specifically for outdoor use, as it is resistant to wind, frost, humidity and sunlight. You can use it as a shop or store sign, or as a communication tool to publicise your products and services or a promotional offer. It is also a very practical solution to set up, and can be cheaply and easily renewed by simply changing the canvas.

Multi-use aluminium tubular structures

Do you need a quality stretched banner support for indoor or outdoor use? Whatever your needs, we'll provide you with the perfect solution. You will be able to choose between our aluminium tubular structures in the form of a wall frame, a 4- or 5-sided display cube, a 1 or 2-sided structure, XXL format advertising display, etc. You can also opt for our galvanised steel structures which are the most resistant. You can order your tubular structure with a personalised printed banner according to your needs and preferences. FitClamp is committed to providing you with a quality service. A warm welcome and advice about our choice of items await you. High quality products which give you the best value for money.
Adjustable tension banner for display: Aluminium tension frame
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